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The SALT Approach is a registered charity promoting knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith through hands-on educational materials, opening the child to deep spiritual realities.

We carry out our mission specifically through the development and provision of unique programs and hands-on materials for use in the religious education of children.

Our methodology is underpinned by core pedagogies that allow for pondering, respect for the person and for choice-making.

The SALT Approach Facilitates

Research Findings

A six-year study confirmed that:

Essential Elements

The SALT Approach History

The SALT Approach developed through doctoral research applying the work of Maria Montessori, Sofia Cavalletti and Gerard O’Shea in the Catholic classroom.

It emanated from a need to bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering a viable approach for teaching and learning of religious education in contemporary Catholic schools.

Applying the pedagogy developed by Montessori, the Church’s liturgical year provides the SALT Approach with a comprehensive framework incorporating Scripture, Sacraments, Catholic teaching and prayer. The pedagogy can be applied to the entire religious education curriculum used in any diocese.

Children ponder deeply as they engage with the Catholic faith in all its dimensions, applying it to their own lives. It offers physical materials, supporting booklets and tailored programs.

The SALT Approach aims to free teachers to invest time into pondering, both for themselves for students. It is designed to support a personal encounter with God through Jesus Christ.

Opportunities are presented to enable a deep consideration of Scripture and Church Liturgy, within a climate conducive to prayerful reflection. There is significant evidence that, should conditions be right, children are capable of rapidly switching into the spiritual zone, quickly engaging in opportunities to pray and reflect, and finding quiet spaces to do so.

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